We invite you to join the Middle East and African largest AIESEC Alumni Network

Our Frame Work

For 2018-2020 AAMEA will focus on SDG #4 ( Quality Education)


Inspire others, by showcasing the beauty of our values in action, empowering youth and adults alike to embrace others as we do in AIESEC.


Engage with others, so that alumni and aiesecers can transfer skills to those who could benefit from them, either to become more successful entrepreneurs or to increase their employ ability.


Influence decision makers, so that alumni can contribute to shape the reality of the communities they live and work in.

We invite you to join the Middle East and African largest Alumni Network

We have a life long committment working for a better World where we have peace and justice for all


AIESEC Alumni  Middle east and Africa  (AAMEA) which is a Regional entity of AIESEC Alumni International [AAI].The registered country and office is located at Abidjan Cocody, Résidences Latrille SICOGI, Bat L, Appt135, 06 BP 2245 Abidjan 06, République de Côte d’Ivoire.Our Vision: Is to be a platform for collaboration, for sharing of best practices, supporting existing National Alumni Associations and to create new formidable AIESEC Alumni Associations in Africa . and middle EastOur Mission:Is to provide a formidable regional platform through which former AIESEC members and associates can continue to interact, contribute to and actively gain from a continuing involvement with AIESEC, the alumni of AIESEC and its relevant stakeholders.Our Working Framework- Inspire-Engage- Influence (IEI) AAMEA  unites alumni around  Middle East and Africa into an active global network and community, to enhance our alumni’s own professional and social lives, to support and promotes the ethics, values and culture of AIESEC, and to advance leadership and international understanding for a better world. Our Frame work to achieve our mission is Inspire-Engage- Influence (IEI).In 2019-2020 we will focus on SDG #4 ( Quality Education)

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