1. What is an NAA:  

The NAA (National Alumni Association) is the official AIESEC Alumni organization recognized by the AIESEC MC, and the RAA in the entity.  To be recognized as an NAA, the organization must submit a fully executed integrated membership agreement to AAI.  The NAA is responsible for coordinating and delivering activities and programs to the members and for representing the organization at the regional and international levels.  

 2. What is an RAA:  

RAA is the Regional Alumni Association. The RAA is responsible for coordinating activity in the region and supporting the NAA’s.  It is composed by National Alumni Associations of a specific region of the world. The NAA’s elect the leadership body of the RAA.  There are currently 4 official RAA’s:  Our RAA´s are: AAAP (ASIA – PACIFIC), AAE (EUROPE), AAIB ( IBEROAMERICA) and AAMEA, (AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST), AND AIESEC LIFE (U.S.A) 

3. What is AAI:  

AAI is (AIESEC Alumni international) is the international umberally organization of the RAA’s and NAA’s.  .The members of AAI are composed by the RAAs and NAAs.   AAI includes a number of regional bodies, Regional Alumni Associations (hereafter RAAs) (Middle East Africa (MEA), Iberoamerica, Europe, and Asia Pacific) and National Alumni Associations (hereafter NAAs). An EB of AAI elected by the membership.  AAI provides global programs and service to the organizations and supports the RAA’s and NAA’s. 

  As AIESEC´s official global alumni association, and working in close cooperation with AIESEC, we bring together AIESEC Alumni in a lifelong connection with the fundamental priority to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life. We seek to develop programs that support continuous personal and professional growth in a network of individuals seeking to take an active role for a better world in order to achieve peace and fulfillment of Human kind’s potential. 

To support Alumni, we create personal networks, foster international and intercultural communication and cooperation, and collect and disseminate information about local, national and international activities carried out by AIESEC Alumni. We hold international meetings, exchange information and ideas, and carry out large projects organizing alumni all over the world. We generate international educational, business and service opportunities. Planned services include opportunities for mentoring and supporting AIESEC, individual networking for business and personal development, introductions when traveling, a listing of local, national and international events. Benefits include enhancing personal and professional development, fostering a stronger AIESEC student organization, supporting activities for more unified world. 

AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL is committed to develop initiatives to support the Sustainable Development Goals. The uniqueness of the SDG´s is that everyone can find a goal to support and advocate for as they touch every aspect of the life of an individual.   

 4. How are they elected: NAA members are elected by alumni members from their country? RAA members are elected by NAA members from their region.  AAI members are elected by NAA and RAA executive board members. NAAs may attend global conferences in order to legislate for the benefit of the global alumni community, or vote by proxy or via electronic means.  . (If they are unable to attend, there are procedures in place that enable them to vote online or provide their proxies to other NAAs.) 

5. What is the goal:  AAI is an integrated global organization comprised of connected hubs of alumni members in all parts of the world connected by a common vision of peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.  The AIESEC Alumni movement is comprised of individuals who have participated in AIESEC student organization as a member or as an exchange participant.  AAI through the RAA‘ s and NAA‘s want to connect all AIESEC Alumni around the globe to provide programs, aligned within the three pillars of the organization; Alumni to the world, Alumni to AIESEC and Alumni to Alumni.      

AAI and NAA both desire to cooperate with each other as well as with other national and regional AIESEC alumni organizations throughout the world; and AAI and NAA both share a common goal and desire to generate benefits for members of the AIESEC Alumni community; AAI and NAA both recognize the immense potential of a strong worldwide network of alumni that provides valuable services to alumni, and that maintains close links of cooperation, as may be Relevant, with AIESEC International and its constituent Member Committees; AAI and NAA share a desire to form a commitment to foster mutual cooperation to the best of Each of their abilities, and provide a truly global platform for anyone who has ever been a member and exchange participant of AIESEC to continue, and thereby  enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life we look to have programs that are aligned with our values and that  support one or more of our 3 pillars:  Alumni to the World, Alumni to AIESEC and Alumni to Alumni. 

6. Membership fees: the official annual membership fees is 25 euros ( it can change in the future).  The fee is shared amongs the NAA, the RAA and AAI.   divided amount NAA, RAA, and AAI. Members of each NAA shall become members of AAI, an RAA. NAAs have the right to charge their members a fee that is higher thean The the official annual fFee, so that they can have additional resources in the NAA.  In such cases, it shall not be obliged to share any amounts in excess of The Fee with AAI or its RAA , unless NAA and its RAA have agreed to the contrary. 

7. Why we are using the name AIESEC:  As AIESEC´s official global alumni association, and working in close cooperation with AIESEC, AAI warrants that it has obtained the approval from the global governing body of AIESEC  (Currently known as “AIESEC International” or “AI”), for the use  of the word “AIESEC” in AIESEC alumni name and braning to promote our activities worldwide. To have official right to use name and branidng NAA and RAA must be part of the integrated membership 

8. AAI headquarters: AIESEC Alumni International (hereinafter “AAI”) an international non-profit organization is currently domiciled in Rigiweg 13, 6343 Holzhaeusern, ZG, Switzerland  

9. AAMEA ( AIESEC Alumni Middle East and Africa)  head quarter is located  in Abidjan Cocody, Résidences  Latrille SICOGI, Bat L, Appt135, 06 BP 2245 Abidjan 06, République de Côte d’Ivoire. 

10. Relationship between AAMEA and AAI:  Both AAI and the AAMEA  use their best endeavors to support each other in representing and supporting the NAA’s in the Region as well as expanding the NAA network to new countries in the Region in which individuals of the alumni community reside. The structure is AAI, AAMEA, NAA, and member. 

11. Why be an NAA member. If you want to continue supporting AIESEC and you still care about AIESEC value, the alumni organization gives you the platform to do so. It also allows you to connect with old friends and share business opportunities. 

12. Difference between AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni. AIESEC is the student organization. After your AIESEC tenure, you become Alumni for life, the alumni organization gives you the platform to still get involved and serve your community. 

13. Are members of NAA, RAA, and AAI executive board paid? Currently there is not executive board position paid with the alumni organization.  But there are entities having Executive Director (such as Colombia and AIESEC Life) which it´s model that would be positive to replicate in order to achieve a bigger impact. Some entities have been able to raise funds to hire a part time executive director, allowing an important support for the elected EB.