AIESEC Alumni  Middle East and Africa (AAMEA) which is a Regional entity of AIESEC Alumni International [AAI].

The registered country and office is located at Abidjan Cocody, Résidences Latrille SICOGI, Bat L, Appt135, 06 BP 2245 Abidjan 06, République de Côte d’Ivoire.

Our Vision:

As AIESEC´s official Regional alumni association, and working in close cooperation with AIESEC, we bring together AIESEC Alumni in a lifelong connection with the fundamental priority to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life. We seek to develop a program that supports continuous personal and professional growth in a network of individuals seeking to take an active role for a better world in order to achieve peace and fulfillment of Human kind’s potential.

Our Mission:

To support Alumni, we create personal networks, foster international and intercultural communication and cooperation, and collect and disseminate information about local, national and Regional activities carried out by AIESEC Alumni. We hold Regional meetings, exchange information and ideas, and carry out large projects organizing alumni all over the Region. We generate international educational, business and service opportunities. Planned services include opportunities for mentoring and supporting AIESEC, individual networking for business and personal development, introductions when traveling, a listing of local, national and international events. Benefits include enhancing personal and professional development, fostering a stronger AIESEC student organization, supporting activities for more unified world.
AIESEC ALUMNI  Middle East and Africa is committed to develop initiatives to support the Sustainable Development Goals (4 until 2021).


Our Mandate:
Is to contribute to the development of Africa, Middle east,  AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni entities.

Our activities/programs show an overriding commitment to cross-national and international co-operation and understanding. The purpose of AIESEC Alumni  Middle east and Africa  is to develop his member’s leadership potential and participate to the development of Africa.

Our Working Framework- IEI

 AAMEA  unites alumni around Africa and Middle East  into an active global network and community, to enhance our alumni’s own professional and social lives, to support and promotes the ethics, values and culture of AIESEC, and to advance leadership and international understanding for a better world.

 Our Frame work to achieve our mission is Inspire-Engage- Influence (IEI).


Who We Are:

 We are a global network of AIESEC alumni with a lifelong commitment to further AIESEC’s mission and to advance international leadership and understanding for a more unified world.

Our organizational practices and ideas is about leadership, teamwork and collaboration which aligns with what is being valued in the world of business and work today. We incorporate discussions about the state of the world and the leadership issues that our societies are facing.

Our new leadership model

 We use programs and projects focused on developing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and our framework –Inspire, Engage and Influence to propose pragmatic solutions to pertinent issues our generation is facing in Africa and Middle East.

Regional Organization:

We are bringing together AIESEC alumni organizations around Africa into a collaborative federation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While uniting to increase our strength, member value and social impact, national organizations will preserve the freedom and flexibility to pursue their unique interests and priorities within the alumni network.

We are an open organization to allow every member in Africa to access AIESEC opportunities and develop their skills, self-awareness and also challenge their worldviews and mindsets through AIESEC Alumni programs. Our openness will allow us reach out to more people to Inspire, Engage, and Influence.


Executive board

These positions are elected for a 3 years term. Each year 1/3 of the board is renewed


Vice president


VP-Communication and marketing

VP-Organizational development

VP-Administration and legal

VP-Finance and membership

VP- Partnership and sponsorship

VP- career development

Support Team

Each vice president works with a team of minimum 5 people to support him. Support team is selected based on voluntary application and competence. Their term is unlimited as far as they are performing well and willing to support.

National Alumni Association (NAA)

In Each country we have an NAA. The NAA is led by an executive board that run alumni program in the country. The NAA is governed by a local compendium.