We have several initiatives for alumni

AIESEC Alumni Middle East and Africa Start up Mentorship program ( AAMEASMP) .

This mentorship program is designated for members who stared a start up less than 3 years. The goal is to assist them with coaching and information gathering to make their endeavor successful. The mentors will be AAMEA members and extern who have created and run startups. The mentees will be shadowing with mentors for six months. The mentors will share their experience, tips, and style of leadership. This program will add value on our Alumni to Alumni pillar.   In addition to the mentorship a series of relevant trainings (fund raising, crowd funding, partnership building, team management etc…) will be conducted. Only a small group of 30 mentees will be selected for the first circle that will start august 1, 2020. A full commitment from the participants is required to be part of this program.

  • Alumni showcasing: It allowed to weekly showcase an alumni on our social media platform. This allowed the alumni to be known and contacted in case of business demand
  • Alumni Talk : Monthly alumni talk around different subjects . This monthly talk is followed by more than 1500 people live and the recording is watched by more than 3000 worldwide. This is a good opportunity for an alumni to be known internationally which open doors of opportunities for him/her.
  • Alumni database: its a complete database of alumni in MEA . this helps easily connect with other alumni for business opportunities . Please use link below to register
  • https://bit.ly/aameaalumnidatabaseregistrationform
  • Alumni Market Place: this allowed alumni to present their business or profile on our social media platform. He/she can be contacted in case of business opportunity with other alumni
  • Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones: our social media platform will allow alumni to reconnect with old friends and to make new one. It also allowed to remember AIESEC old days.