Mentoring Aiesecers and young alumni

The goals of the mentorship program are

As an organization in which the fundamental priority is to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life, the mentorship program was set up primarily for personal and professional development of Aiesecers as they head for the future. Equipping them with the required orientation and skills so they are better prepared when launched into the professional world.

This program was launched on the 29th of March 2020 to create a connection that enables AIESEC Alumni who are professionally active and eager to inspire and prepare aiesecers and young alumni for career building and workforce excellence. We have realized that the best mentoring programs are mentee-driven. They allow mentees to bring questions, concerns, or problems to someone who listens, supports, informs, and sympathizes without judgment, criticism, advice, or comparison and this is the model that has been adopted to ensure success is achieved. The program is free with a duration of 4 months combining real-world experiences and personal development trainings. It is managed by the AAMEA program team as part of our commitment to work on Quality Education (SDG 4)

Every effort was made to match mentees with mentors who can best support their developmental needs, personal and career goals. In facilitating a suitable match, participants potential matches were selected by reviewing profiles submitted from a select pool of candidates. After pairing, formal mentoring guides were provided to both the mentee and mentor with the tools needed to engage in successful mentoring relationships. There will also be periodic reviews to monitor progress through an online tracking form that is shared bi-weekly.

As we keep striving for excellence, it is our only hope that we ACT SUSTAINABLY for a better future as we look forward to creating value and making transformation globally.