AIESEC Leaders Safe Zone ( ALSZ)

AIESEC leaders safe Zone is a program created and run by AIESEC Alumni Middle East and Africa. The program is designated for current MCEB, LCEB , and OC, CC members. This program will allow AIESEC leaders to seek quick assistance while leading the organization. There will be a group of leaders who can quickly answer question about day to day operation. This is not a mentorship program. This is just a forum to allow AIESEC leaders to receive quick help.

  1. Have a meeting need advice on how to prepare  it
  2. Having issues managing your time need some time management tips ( mixing AIESEC, school and family)
  3. How to deal with a specific situation you are facing
  4. You are  stuck on a project help advice to move forward
  5. Need to make a decision and need some advice
  6. Advice on how to connect with Alumni
  7. Travelling overseas need advice on culture differences
  8. Making a decision on your future move need advice
  9. Not performing well at your current position need professional advice

FYI: on the leaders Safe Zone we do not offer advice on AIESEC knowledge , we do not intervene on AIESEC internal conflict, we do not offer financial support , we do not endorse candidates.

All the conversations will be kept confidential and they occur once per issue unless the alumni decide to schedule a follow up conversation. This program is virtual and the alumni can be located in any of the MEA countries. If you are MCEB or LCEB member you can join the ALSZ using the link below

Always a pleasure meeting PAI

  • Alumni Internship Referrals
  • AIESEC Advisory Boards
  • Transition from AIESEC to Alumni
  • Youth Mentoring and Coaching

3 reasons to reconnect with AIESEC

Whether you graduate from university in 2016 or graduated
in 1966, continue your journey with AIESEC

  1. Global network

When you leave AIESEC, the extensive and diverse global network can be of great value to you. Whether it’s business contacts, networking opportunities

s, local knowledge or language help, both AIESECers and alumni can lend a hand

  1. Giving back

You may be in the position where you can help an AIESECer find a fantastic opportunity, or assist your company / NGO to benefit from access to Global Talent. By doing this you secure the ongoing success of AIESEC

  1. Social events

From annual conferences, to local meet-ups, we are aiming to breathe new life into the alumni activities in order to help you network and enjoy them more, while meeting fellow alumni and current AIESECers

We also connect with PAAI