Sylvie going away ceremony

Sylvie going away ceremony


Sylvie Nagbo

The Sylvie Nangbo  Scholarship is being  started by a  AIESEC Alumni Africa and Middle East Executive Board  in memory of Sylvie Nangbo.  Sylvie joined AIESEC in 2009 and served at AIESEC Cote D’Ivoire in different positions (Team member, team leader, Vice president in charge of projects at the cocody local committee, project Director..) . Throughout her career in AIESEC, Sylvie focused on working in different conference committees  to serve her follow AIESEC members. Tragically, on april 9th 2016, while serving as conference committee vice president of finance for the very first AIESEC Alumni Africa and Middle East Conference in Dabou Cote D ‘ivoire , sylvie died in a car accident.

After her death,  AAAMEEB worked tirelessly on  creating a scholarship fund in her memory. The Sylvie International Scholarship Fund will be launched in 2020 with contributions dedicated to sponsoring AIESEC local committee members’ in Africa, young alumni  attendance at international conferences and returning back to school .

AAAME would like to encourage alumni to support the Sylvie International Scholarship Fund to help sponsor the development of future AIESEC leaders. All proceeds will go toward scholarships for AIESEC local committee members to attend international conferences and young alumni to go back to school.

Scholarships will be awarded annually at AAAME Regional conference beginning in 2020. AAAME collects applications and the final selection is made by Sylvie Nangbo’s  scholarship committee .

For the first edition of the Sylvie Nangbo scholarship fund Brenda Nwagwu form AIESEC Alumni Nigeria had accepted to lead the committee.